Pudełko niebieskie A6 15,5x11,3x2,5cm Goatbox

  • Pudełko niebieskie A6 15,5x11,3x2,5cm Goatbox
Producent: GoatBox
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Box for a card in size a6 (regular small card) w kolorze niebieskim z piękną delikatną fakturą


Easy to fold, ready without glue

Remember to add a card to the box, as a set, you win 20% of the price 


Bottom Dimensions: 15,7x11,3cm

Heigh of the bottom part: 25mm

Top Dimensions: 16,1x11,7cm

Top height: 20mm

Total height: 27mm

Thickness: 300g/m2



Producer GoatBox



Useful links

Instruction how to fold the box is to be found here tutaj.


About GoatBox

Before buying a box many of you is asking a question: which one to choose, where from, why this one and not the others?  

There are several companies on the market, which produce paper products to support the crafters. 

Some of them will be chosesn because we know them personally, maybe we like their products, the others ones - because they offer cheap prices, some because they also offer different articles along with the paper boxex. 

Techniques might be the same - paper, cutting machine.  

Some of the producers decide to cut "at home" (exploding box base may come in two separate 30x10 pieces of paper, which need a glue to connet together), card bases may be cut at home but guillotine or another trimming equipment. However, if you decide to  go for a product that is always the same, choose the one from GoatBox!

GoatBoxes are produced proffesionally, this raises the production cost, BUT guarantees the even edges and a product tha always will be be the quality- no surprises! 

Before the product is finished, there must be paper. And this is what we wat to show you here below. 

On the market, there are different papers from 50g/m2 up till 900g/m2, available in almost all RAL colors pallette.
But not all papers qualify to be GoatBox product. 
We focus on your satisfaction and on the durability of our products. 

We make every effort to deliver to you the best product, so that's why we have chosen an italian brand Fedrigoni, which is present on the paper market ever since 1888.  

FSC, ECF, ISO9706, CE94/62 i ACID FREE - 

Thicknes!!! Tis is the clue at us! Not less than 290g/m2,  this is why GoatBoxes are so thick! The only exception is the light blue paper (270g/m2) which is not produced thicker yet.  

The main advantage of our produts is their composition-  100% no chlorine, no heavy metas, acid free, most of them 100%

bodegradable and ecological friendly.

As a result, colors remain unchanged over time.
Our colorful shiny papers are double-sided coated with a pearl finish.
Thanks to this, they are suitable for many applications.
In our case, it works great in the production of type boxes like  exploding box i GoatBag,  DL, A6, square, boxes with windows , and  DL, A6 and square bases, and lately even as chockolate boxes for small chockolates 100g.

In urs shops we aso have papers GoatBox  19x25cm and 13x25cm, mso you can use them together with your Big Shot machine and cut your own shapes, use them for backgruund, etc.

It can also be successfully used in offset printing, hot stamping with foil or screen printing.

The surface has no roughness, so it does not deform when printing using plastic paints.
The print after evaporation is permanent.

The works that you do manually are not for a moment, they are to be "eternal" and enjoy the eye the same every time.
Gifts that your clients give to their relatives will have the same hardness, color and structure even after many years of storage in the attic box!

That's why it is good to choose GoatBox products!!!



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